Free: Home Energy Workshop, Oct 12th

HOME HEAT: Free workshop at Exeter Library on Oct 12th, 2016. Summer’s over, the heat bills are about to ramp up. How far up they go can depend on how drafty your house is and other factors that you can easily fix (or pay someone to if you prefer). Please pass this flyer on to others who may want to save money and energy. Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce co-sponsors with us.

Last’s years workshop was very well attended and helped to reduce the overall carbon-footprint in Exeter. Yay!! 

“At our home on High St, we have been saving money on heating bills since 2014. We attended a free Button Up workshop in 2014, filled out a questionnaire, and qualified for the program. Later we scheduled a home energy audit. A very nice man came to our house to do a blower test. He set up a big fan sealed onto our front door. He took measurements, and also went around with a thermal gun and could show us clearly where the leaks where. Surprising info! We then picked a bunch of his recommendations on sealing and extra insulation and had a company come in to fix these issues. We got a $3000 match from Unitil, and took the house from R19 to R65, now with very little leakage!! Our house is ‘buttoned up’.”
Winter is just around the corner, so the timing could not be better to find out how to get rid of air leaks and add more insulation before the snow comes. At Exeter Library on Oct 12, 2016 at 6pm is a free workshop co-sponsored by Unitil, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, NH Electric Co-op,…… Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce and Exeter NH Transition Town. You may qualify for matching funds of up to $4000. Your turn to save money AND lower your carbon footprint…

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