Standing Rock/Clean Energy Rally

Nov. 15th noon to dusk, Exeter Town Hall steps, 10 Front Street, Exeter NH.


11/5/2016 Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II told ABC News: “The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has always maintained the position that we’re about protecting our water. We’re about protecting our sacred places. We’re about protecting our sovereignty. We’re about protecting the future, our future generations, the children who are not yet born. We have always opposed this pipeline, not for any other reasons, those are our reasons,”

“We didn’t ask to be the highest poverty rate in the nation. … And we didn’t do that to ourselves. It’s all the wrongs that took place. We live with so many broken promises. Even if they just say, ‘We’re going to reroute this pipeline out of your territory,’ that’s huge for indigenous people. … We can reroute this and it’s a win that recognizes our rights, our lands…. There’s all these things that happened to tribes over time that were unjust, that were not right. And nobody stood up.”

People of Exeter, NH & beyond: WE STAND UP

Please join us at a peaceful demonstration as we stand up for:

  • The Standing Rock Sioux and friends
  • Climate justice for all
  • Clean water for all
  • A livable planet for our grandchildren
  • Faster transition to Clean Energy
  • Wind farm 25 miles off the NH coast*

*The federal Department of Energy determined the Gulf of Maine has a total potential wind power capacity in excess of 200,000 megawatts within 50 miles of the coasts of NH,  ME and northern MA and utilizing just a small percentage of it, combined with other renewable resources, could provide most of the future power needs of these states. It’s up to the next NH governor to appoint a task force to move this along…

Stay for a minute or the whole afternoon! Bring a friend, bring a sign or use one of ours, support the Standing Rock’s petition to the Army Corps of Engineers.

(Full poster below:)


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