beet wagon
wagon load of beets in transit

Exeter has revamped its Master Plan: the time has come to bring a bouquet of green and sustainable efforts to full bloom.

Let us gift our families with a happier & healthier community, a more vibrant local economy, and a coveted local food and arts scene.

BIG has its place, but so does small, think of the “Butterfly Effect” and do your part to keep Exeter a microcosm of awesome….

This is a call to help Exeter, NH:

1. move towards clean energy & away from fossil fuel dependency 
2. gain resiliency to weather and energy shocks
3. bolster economic localization, vibrancy and happiness

Exeter NH Transition seeks to collaborate with and support people and organizations in town who are working on reducing carbon footprint via any of the above points. We like to work closely with the town’s new Energy Committee. Watch our Facebook page and see what interesting things are going on around town that our reduce carbon footprint.

Are you already doing your sustainable thing? Let us know! Post on the Facebook page and let everyone see what you have been up to.

Here are some past projects we have worked on.Environmental groups in Exeter NH


PS. Want to get a better understanding of the positive & uplifting Transition Principles? The global Transition Town movement started in the UK, read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transition_Towns

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Contact us at info@ exeterNHtranstionTown.com